• All post-processed, edited digital images delivered to you via a private gallery on my website.

  • Ability to download the images directly from your gallery to your computer, laptop or mobile device.

  • A digital use rights release which allows you to share the images online and on social media, as long as you credit “Holly Lynn Photography” somewhere within your post. 

  • Travel to location(s) in the Dayton area.  Locations outside of Dayton may require travel fee.



What's your turnaround time?

 While I cannot guarenttee a certain turn around time as life and business circumstances fluctuate throught the year, the turnaround time for sessions is generally about two weeks.  It's important to me that I return your images as quickly as possible while not compromising the quality of your images.  Each of my clients deserve 100% of my attention when I attend their images.  


Do you have indoor studio space available?

Yes!  I rent out a beautiful studio in downtown Dayton called Lost and Found Studio and Vintage Rentals.  This studio offers a vintage vibe to your session with endless props to make your session unique.  There is an additional fee to book the studio space, about $65-$75/hour) BUT if you’re looking for an indoor space it’s totally worth it!  


Do you ever give clients RAW files to edit themselves?

No. Every photo you'll receive will be in its finished state​.  Using Lightroom, I convert all RAW files to jpegs and give each image a very natural edit with a slight matte tone.  ​A lot of computers can't read RAW format without proper software and RAW files do not reflect my style and work until they're processed and edited.


What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is through email.  You can email me at [email protected] or by filling out my contact form found under the "CONTACT" tab and also found here:


Do you offer a print release?

I do not offer a print release.  However, my clients may print their images through Mpix ( or the professional lab their gallery will be linked to.  Both of those options are affordable, high quality and do not require a print release.  If you have questions about this topic, email me at [email protected]  


Why don't you offer a print release?

When I gave print releases in the past, clients would only print at drugstore labs.  I found most clients were just unaware of the difference between drugstore prints and professional prints.  I also found most clients have the misconception of professional prints being much more expensive because there are some photographers who will upcharge nearly 300% the original value of a print.  I do not do this because it is important to me that my clients are able to print images that reflect the original integrity of my work.

Drugstore labs are NOT professional labs; if you print through a non-professional lab you risk undoing your investment in professional images because those labs can distort the contract, exposure, clarity and tone of your images.  Here is a great article about why you ALWAYS print through a professional lab:     


For additional questions, send me an email!

[email protected]