Holly Lynn Photography, LLC



Holly Lynn Photography, LLC (HLP) is a professional photography provider based out of Southwest Ohio.  HLP was established in 2014 and specializes in family portraits, senior portraits and wedding photography. 


The overall approach I take towards photography is centered around the idea that I like to keep things comfortable, real and genuine in my images.  Of course, I take traditionally posed and artistically posed images throughout your portrait session and wedding day but my true passion lies in freezing those "in between" moments where you don't even know I'm taking your picture.  You're laughing with your bridesmaids, smiling at your bride, your child spontaneously leans in and gives you a kiss, someone makes a joke during a family picture and suddenly you're all giggling through your smiles....Those moments are my absolute favorites.   Check out my portfolio and you'll see what I'm talking about. :) 





There is a picture I have from my wedding day of my mom, while my dad and I are walking down the aisle, and tears are filling her eyes.  

When I see this picture I am obviously overwhelmed by the moment itself, I mean, it wasss my wedding day, but the image means so much to me because it reminds me of how deeply my mom loves me.  I look at the picture and I'm not just thinking about that moment but of moments where she would hold me when I cried, dance in the kitchen with me to Space Jam, encourage me to read and write to my hearts content, defend me when I couldn't defend myself... The tears in her eyes, watching me live out one of the happiest days of my life, brings me so much comfort and joy.

I'm sure you have images like this as well, pictures that to an outsider would look like a nice moment but to you it means so much more.  

Nothing can replace the feeling I have when a bride responds to her wedding gallery saying "Thank you for this image of me and my grandma, that was her first outing in years and she looks so happy.  It reminds me of when I was younger." or "The expression on my dad's face during that first dance picture is his "proud face" and it means so much to me you captured that exact moment. I will cherish it forever.  "  

The same feeling comes with Family and Senior sessions when clients say, "You captured him perfectly, he has made that facial expression since he was five!"  

My photography is inspired by your life.  I take inspiration from Humans of New York in terms of always reminding myself a picture is so much more powerful with a story behind it - and you are that story.  You are what makes my images meaningful and you are what gives my job purpose.