About Me


Hi! I am Holly and I am so glad our paths have crossed.

I have been a professional photographer since I was 22 years old. What started as a hobby throughout childhood and high school, turned into a passion in college and then into a profession following graduation. To say I am thankful this is where my path has led, to photography, is an understatement; I truly love my job.

Outside of photography I am married to my husband Ty (we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in 2021!) and together we have our daughter, Caroline. Caroline is four and pure JOY. She keeps me very busy during the weekdays painting, picking flowers, eating cool whip and chasing birds in the backyard. :)

A big part of my life and my family the past four years has been our journey with Caroline's health. She was born with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis which is a complicated disease affecting every organ in her body. It requires hours of daily maintenece. to keep her health stable. I see now how carefully God orcestrated my path into photography so that I would have the flexibility to be her full time caregiver, while still pursuing something that I love.

In addition to having Cystic Fibrosis, Caroline is also autistic. My experience as an autism mom has influenced my work with families in the best possible ways, especially families who have neurodivergent members. I now offer consultation times for any families who want to spend a bit of time giving me any helpful information I could use to truly capture their loved ones. It is nooooot easy for a stranger to capture Caroline's true personality in a setting she has never been before...so I get it. As parents we just want the one picture that is totally "them" happy and in their element. This really influenced my approach to family sessions in the past few years. Wanting to allow people to choose locations, times and situations they know will provide the best possible enviornment for their kids.

Photography is an incredible art form and it's an extremely creative field to be in. I am thankful each year brings new opportunities of growth for me sharpen my skills and, in turn, offer my clients new services.

*All sessions and weddings booked with HLP benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
and funding small business loans for women around the world.*